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Celtic - Spoils of Annwn - 01



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In this observation and all the followong observations there is some dispute as to the translation of caer. 

Sarah has translated it as Fortress, which makes it a description then of a castle.  But it is worth bearing in mind that it could also mean a symbolic palace or an 'island - again a symbolic feature.

Personally I think he may be describing ascension through the levels and layers and each Fortress is actually a layer - a level, but that would be just an opinion

Caer Sidi would then be the Inner court of the Egg crossed by going over the 'Great Deep', which is the abyss.

A description of the experience

Preiddeu Annwn: The Spoils of Annwn

by: Sarah Higley (Translator) from: The Camelot Project  2007 [The following is the text (and translation) of a poem taken from the fourteenth-century Llyfr Taliesin]I  

1. Golychaf wledic
      pendeuic gwlat ri.
1. I praise the Lord,
      Prince of the realm, King.
2. [r]y ledas ypennaeth
      dros traeth mundi.
2. His sovereignty has extended
      across the world's tract.
3. bu kyweir
      karchar gweir
      ygkaer sidi.
3. Equipped was
     the prison of Gweir
      in the Mound Fortress,
4. trwy ebostol pwyll
4. throughout the account(?) of
      Pwyll and Pryderi.
5. Neb kyn noc ef
      nyt aeth idi.
5. No one before him
      went into it,
6. yr gadwyn trom las
      kywirwas ae ketwi.
6. into the heavy blue/gray chain;
      a faithful servant it held.
7. Arac preideu annwfyn
      tost yt geni.
7. And before the spoils of Annwfyn
      bitterly he sang.
8. Ac yt urawt
8. And until Judgment
     shall last
      our bardic invocation.
9. Tri lloneit prytwen
      yd aetham ni idi.
9. Three fullnesses of Prydwen
      we went into it.
10. nam seith
     ny dyrreith
      ogaer sidi.
10. Except seven
     none rose up
      from the Fortress of the Mound.

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