Spiritual concepts


After death

An often falsely described activity, experienced during the Disembodied state in which Perceptions are reviewed, relived and reconciled, with the objective of assessing the state of the Higher spirit and its course in the subsequent Reincarnation.

There are no Trumpets, except the one that is the Tunnel trumpet.  And there is no terrifying ‘court’ judging you.  But what has been achieved or not achieved is used to determine the type of Destiny one will be asked to take on in the next round in the cycle – if there is a next round. 

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During the spiritual path

If we are on the spiritual path, judgement is a process that occurs during the early stages to test whether we are a fit candidate to proceed.  The overall first stage of the so called 'Three Night Watches' it includes the early calling, the tests of understanding, lessons and learning as well as a final judgement, which in the Egyptian Mysteries was symbolically shown in the weighing ceremony.

For more details see also Why are we here


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