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Myōe – The dream of Vairocana and the queen



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From Shingon Refractions – Professor Mark Unno

He had the following dreams around 1221, just when he was beginning to focus all his energy on the Mantra of Light:

Between four and six in the afternoon on the third day of the eleventh month, I went to sleep as planned. In a dream I saw the figure of the Buddha Vairocana [seen in meditative contemplation]. On either side of the image there were ornaments of golden beads strung together that shone forth from under the raiments draped over the ears.

In a dream seen on the night of the sixth day of the eleventh month (during my early evening meditation when I wished to perform esoteric practices) there was a dignified and beautiful lady in a room. She was dressed exquisitely, but she showed no sign of worldly desire. I was in the same place, but I did not feel any affection for her. She was quite fond of me and did not wish to be separated. I ignored her and left. She still showed no sign of worldly desire. The lady was holding a mirror around which she wrapped some wire. She also had a large sword.

Interpretation:The woman was Vairocana; she was no doubt the queen.

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