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Samavedas – Book 07 Chapter 02, V Agni



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Samavedas – Book 07 Chapter 02, V Agni

O King, the potent and terrific envoy
kindled for strength, is manifest in beauty.
He shines, observant, with his lofty splendour;
chasing Black Night he comes with white rayed morning

Having overcome the glimmering Black with beauty,
and bringing forth the Dame, the great Sire’s daughter
Holding aloft the radiant lights of Surya,
as messenger of heaven he shines with treasures.

Attendant on the blessed Dame the blessed hath come;
the Lover followeth his sister.
Agni, far spreading with conspicuous lustre,
hath covered Night with whitely shining garments

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Samaveda, the

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