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Lovers, the

The Lovers is one of the cards in the tarot.  It shows the balancing of the two aspects of the mind – the Conscious male principle and the Subconscious feminine principle – see Brain split [left brain, right brain ] .  By balancing the two principles one has achieved a unity of the character – a ‘wedding’ in which the subconscious is united with the conscious side.   Clearly the two sides are aspects of the same person so they are simply two aspects of the same thing but by uniting, they make it possible to access the Higher spirit – shown as cupid or a winged angel or some other symbolic indication of the Higher spirit.

Aleister Crowley’s design [left] shows the Lovers as black and white [Darkness and Light] twins with the lion of the Intellect and the eagle.  There is a serpent showing the symbolism of kundalini energy, there is also a sceptre and a canopy.  …..

The Rider Waite card right is less complex














See also ‘know thyself’.


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