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Keightley, Thomas - Dwarfs and Bjergfolk



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Thomas Keightley – From The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves and Other Little People

Dwarfs or Trolls or Hill people [Bjergfolk] dwell inside of hills mounds and hillocks … sometimes in single families, sometimes in societies.

They are regarded as extremely rich...

Their hill dwellings are very magnificent inside – 'they live' said one of Mr Arndt's guides 'in fine houses of gold and crystal'

They are obliging and neighbourly, freely lending and borrowing and elsewise keeping up friendly intercourse with mankind; but they have a sad propensity to thieving not only stealing provisions, but even women and children..

They marry, have children, bake and brew...

They have a dislike of noise...

They can … go about invisibly or turn themselves into any shape...

They can foresee future events

They can confer prosperity or the contrary

They can bestow bodily strength on any one

Of personal beauty they have not much to boast for example they have humps on their backs and long crooked noses..................

 the Ebeltoft dwarfs …. had immoderate humps on their backs …......  They were dressed in grey jackets and they wore pointed red caps.......

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Keightley, Thomas

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