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Watson, Lyall - The crystalline nature of water



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Lyall Watson – The Water Planet

From X ray studies, we know that the atoms in water are intricately laced.  Interconnections between them are so profuse that some workers go so far as to describe an entire river, all the way from its headwaters to the sea, as a single molecule tied together by countless billions of tiny bonds.


Instead of attaching themselves randomly to each oxygen atom, the two atoms of hydrogen in a water molecule take up a very precise and idiosyncratic alignment to each other.  Most molecules adopt a regular geometry, building up at angles of 45, 60 or 90 degrees that make it possible for them to be equally spaced and neatly arranged. 

Not water. 

The two hydrogen atoms always come to rest at an angle of exactly 104.5 degrees from each other, making all diagrams of their attachment to the larger oxygen atom look like ears on the round head of a panda.

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Watson, Lyall

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