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Hasted, Professor John - Affecting the electrical properties of a transistor



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I myself have attempted relatively little in the way of systematic investigations of morphological changes paranormally produced in metals, since I have not the facilities of a metallurgical laboratory; also it seems likely that only the strongest subjects produce appreciable paranormal structural effects.

However, there appears to be no reason why metals should be unique in showing such behaviour; they are not unique in being subject to paranormal dynamic strains or bending. Moreover there are other phenomena, such as faith healing (contact healing by the laying on of hands), which might possibly involve similar effects: therefore I felt that the best course open to me was to devise ‘exposure’ experiments on solid specimens whose physical properties are very sensitive to small changes in atomic structure or to the entry of impurities.

Semiconductors are obviously suitable specimens, and so are single big-organisms. The electrical characteristics of semiconductors are very sensitive to impurities and are readily susceptible to accurate measurement. The growth rates of simple big-organisms are also sensitive to small structural changes and to impurities, and there are standard techniques for measuring these rates.

The real test of the suitability of specimens for exposure is whether psychic subjects take to them and feel confident of changing them. Some ‘healers’ are willing to attempt action on big-organisms under laboratory conditions. But no psychic of my acquaintance seemed confident that he could modify a transistor; I had to introduce my subjects gently to the idea.

There is an interesting reason why it is important to know whether it is possible for a subject to affect the electrical properties of a transistor. Experiments on extra-sensory perception, and especially some modern experiments on psychokinesis, are now conducted with electronic apparatus containing transistors and other components. In such experiments electronic random number generators are affected by psychic subjects, so that they no longer operate randomly; their departure from randomness is suitably displayed on an array of lights which the subject is asked to ‘affect’. Often there is a clock-face circle of lights, and under complete randomness the illuminated light does not wander far in either direction from twelve o’clock. But if there is a departure from randomness, the light moves round the circle, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Strong psychics are able to achieve impressive movements.

The question arises: Do the laws of physics break down in some way that we do not understand, or is some component in the electronic equipment affected by the psychic?

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Hasted, Professor John

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