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Morrells, Luce and the lovely hotel



Type of Spiritual Experience


We think hotels are equivalent to palaces or cities in this context

Luce was busy studying Hindu and yoga texts at the time, often from some quite obscure sources, so we did wonder whether this was a symbolic or pictorial representation of the Yoga system 

A description of the experience

My dreams lately have had an oddly consistent theme even though they are all different.  Every time I wake at about 5 in the morning and the dream is vivid enough for me to be able to remember it without having to write it down.  All the dreams are about this long long journey I seem to be going on over land and sea.  In none of the dreams am I either in the same place or able to stay anywhere other than a ‘hotel’ and each hotel is different and somewhat bizarre.

A few night ago, the hotel was a vast floating hotel -  impersonal, a little institutional, but with carpets and wide corridors.  We were moving -  I could see the horizon going past, but they had double booked my room – I walked in to a dark room and someone was asleep in the bed.  So no rest for me that night.  That’s it – end of dream.

But today’s was different.  I dropped down a wide tarmacked and well used road to a hotel on the corner near the bottom of the valley.  The back of it was covered with grime and pollution from the road, this was a busy road I could tell.  I went into the hotel and …………magic!  More beautiful than I could describe. 

Lofty ceilings and decoration in sparkling plasterwork, loads of dark wood carved into beautiful figures and shapes and garlands and balusters.  A clean, highly polished wood floor with grain showing.  Big chunky low well cushioned maroon coloured  sofas.  Dark wood coffee tables.  Vast picture windows looking out over a blue sea and a wide bay by the sea.  From the road it wasn’t even clear we were by the sea. The sun was out, the colours were crystal clear.  There was a vast ornate bar which took up the whole of the back wall of this open area full of cut glass glasses and sparkling coloured bottles as well as mirrors galore.  Chandeliers in the ceiling all sparkling and twinkling.  Simply surreally beautiful.

The whole place was empty, eerily quiet and peaceful.

I looked at the back door to the road a vast chunky wood affair but it was all barred off.  The person[?] I was with was a bit critical of the proportions in the decorations of the place telling the owner – whose face I cannot remember except to know it was a he – the proportions of some of the decorations wasn’t right.  But the owner just ignored it and said we should go and look for the ‘bypass’.

They had apparently asked for a bypass to the village, to try to get the traffic away, reduce the noise and pollution and dirt from it all.  Furthermore they had even marked where they wanted the road to go

So we left, which saddened me a lot, but the next thing we were way above the hotel looking at the contours around the valley the hotel was in and there, snaking round the entire half bowl was a ‘mock’ road.  Like a very thin scalextric track made of cloth or a sort of railway in paper in places,  it simply folded round the contour of the valley all at the same height.  In places it must have been at an angle of well over 75 degrees to the horizontal at times fully perpendicular – no one could have driven along it.  But a clear and marked road nevertheless.  Wholly bizarre.  They had just stuck it onto the valley sides.  This is where all that pollution goes – as far above them and away from them as they can make it.

Then I woke up……………. 

The source of the experience

Morrells, Luce

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