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Schelling, F W J - Clara or On Nature’s Connection to the Spirit World – On the nature of the material and spiritual world



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Clara or On Nature’s Connection to the Spirit World – F W J Schelling

I will never forget, she continued, when I first saw the solubility of metal in acids and I wouldn't believe that a transparent liquid, as colourless as water from a well, contained a solution of silver, or that heavenly blue water contained copper, et cetera, until finally I was convinced by my very own eyes.

Astonishing enough it is, too, I said, and gives us much cause to think about the very nature of corporeality.

Aren't those solutions called "spirits" justifiably, she continued, and isn't this disappearance of the very densest and hardest bodies really a solution of the corporeal into the spiritual, and isn't it thus to be called "death"?

It is certainly something similar, I answered; we see to what heights the most corporeal things can go when a higher spirit, as it were, takes hold of them.

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Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von

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