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Keightley, Thomas - Brown dwarfs



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Thomas Keightley - World Guide etc

The brown dwarfs... are less than 18 inches high.  They wear little brown coats  and jackets and a brown cap on their head, with a little silver bell in it. 

Some of them wear black shoes with red strings in them; in general, however, they wear fine glass ones [crystal?].  At their dances none of them wear any other.  They are very handsome in their persons with clear light coloured eyes and small and most beautiful hands and feet.  They are on the whole of a cheerful, good natured disposition, mingled with some roguish traits................

They are great artists in gold and silver, working so curiously as to astonish those who happen to see their performances.  At night they come out of their hills and dance by the light of the moon and stars.  They also glide invisibly into people's houses, their caps rendering them imperceptible by all who have not similar caps.

They are said to play all kinds of tricks.

They possess an unlimited power of transformation and can pass through the smallest keyholes.

They apparently also bring children presents and save them from harm; plague the lazy and untidy with bad dreams; frighten thieves and lovers; and lead people astray into bogs and marshes.

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Keightley, Thomas

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