Symbols - What does heaven look like


Rain by Salvador Dali

One of the ways in which Spirit input is symbolically represented is rain. In effect  Water is falling to Earth.

Rain falls, and it falls from heaven in a more literal sense, as such symbolically the use of rain is consistent with the overall theme of spiritual energy being sent from the Creator through to each of the souls.  Spiritual input  is often depicted by the blue colour, whilst warm rising energy is shown by pink or red colours.





This intriguing card from a Tarot deck is actually for the Aeon , but it shows rather well the downward flow of spiritual energy – shown symbolically as rain from – in this case the Ultimate Intelligence represented by the eye – but also the upward rising of the energy towards the Ultimate Intelligence.


Clear yang makes heaven and unclear yin makes earth.  Ascending, the earth qi makes clouds, descending the heaven qi makes rain.  Rain comes from the earth qi and clouds from heaven qi.


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