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Khusrau, Amir - Ghazal 1836



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The Selected Poetry of Amir Khusrau  - ln the Bazaar of Love

Ghazal 1836: sabza nau-khiz ast u baran dur-fishan ayad hami

Green is newly sprouted
and rain comes scattering pearls
and the heart comes
to incline to fields
and flowing waters.
The clouds raining jewels:
you'd fancy they come
from the seashore,
caravans loaded with pearls.
It's a place for the heart
to blossom like the rose
with joy, for today
the scent of that youth
comes on the east breeze.

tossing his curls in every direction
he walks by, and
a million hearts come
trailing in his wake.
If my soul survives
it's no surprise
for the water of life comes
flowing down soul-streams
from your lips.

I don't know how sleep
comes to your eyes
when such cries for help
come from your street all night.
May the rose bower
of your beauty grow fresher
each moment, for why else does
Khusrau begin
early each morning
to sing and lament
like the nightingale?

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Khusrau, Amir

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