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Ruzbihan Baqli – The Unveiling of Secrets – The Stilling of the rain



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Ruzbihan Baqli – The Unveiling of Secrets – The Diary of a Sufi Master [translated by carl Ernst]

173. The Stilling of the Rain

Then I saw above the throne in the bridal canopies of intimacy, that he manifested himself in the form of majesty and beauty.

There was no one in front of the Truth except Gabriel, who was weeping, having torn his clothes for the sake of the beauty of the Truth that had overwhelmed him. Then that time passed, and I was concerned about whether the rain and snow would continue.

But the sublimities in the sky were not unveiled. I saw a desert in which a great river flowed like pearls. I saw Khidr and Ilyas (peace be upon them) with all the Substitutes there, washing their clothes.

I saw nothing better than the vision of them at that time.  I thought that this was the stilling of the rain, but God knows best.

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Ruzbihan Baqli

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