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Rig veda - Bull and Cow



Type of Spiritual Experience


Here we see the symbolism of the bull and cow used to the full.  If I use the analogy, the creator or bull as the package maker, the cow as the package and the calf as the archetype of all the implemented copies.

The quote also incorporates no end of other symbolism - honey, chariots, rain, thunder and so on - all of which relates to spiritual input.


A description of the experience

The Rig Veda [translated by Wendy Doniger]

Summon the powerful god with these songs; praise Parjanya; win him over with homage.  The bellowing bull, freely flowing with luscious drops, places his seed in the plants as an embryo

He shatters the trees and slaughters the demons; he strikes terror into every creature with his enormous deadly weapon.  Even the sinless man gives way before the god bursting with seed like a bull, when the thundering Parjana slaughters those who do evil

Like a charioteer lashing his horses with a whip, he makes his messengers of rain appear.  From the distance arise the thunder-peals of a lion, where Parjanya makes the sky full of rain clouds

The winds blow forth, the lightnings fly, the plants surge up, the sky swells, the sun overflows.  The sap of life quickens in every creature when Parjanya refreshes the earth with his seed

By your law, the earth bends low; by your law, all animals with hoofs quiver; by your law, plants of all forms bloom.  By these powers, Parjanya, grant us safe shelter

Give us rain from heaven, O Maruts,  Make the streams of the seed bearing stallion overflow as they swell.  Come here with your thunder, pouring down waters, for you are our father, the bright sky god

Bellow and thunder; lay your seed.  Fly in circles around the world in your chariot full of water.  Drag the leather water bag upside down, untied.  Let the hills and the valleys become level.

Draw up the enormous bucket and pour it down.  Let the streams flow forth, set free.  Drench heaven and earth with butter.  Let there be a good drinking place for the cows

Parjanya, when you bellow loudly and thunder and slaughter those who do evil, everything that exists upon earth rejoices

You have sent the rain; now hold it back.  You have made the deserts easy to cross over.  You have made the plants grow so that there is food, and you have found inspired poetry for living creatures

The Rig Veda [translated by Wendy Doniger]

Raise the three voices with light going before them, voices that milk the udder that gives honey.  The bull created the calf, the embryo of the plants, and roared as he was born

The god who causes the plants to increase, and the waters, who rules over the entire world, may he grant us triple refuge and comfort, the triple light that is of good help to us.

Now he becomes a barren female, now one who gives birth; he takes whatever body he wishes.  The mother receives the milk of the father; with it the father increases and prospers and with it the son thrives

All worlds rest on him – the triple skies and the triple flowing waters.  The three vats that drench pour forth in all directions the overflowing honey

Let this speech reach close to the heart of Parjanya who rules by himself and let him rejoice in it, let life giving rains come to us, and let the plants guarded by the gods bear good berries

He is the bull who places the seed in all plants; in him is the vital breath of what moves and what is still.  Let this truth protect me for a hundred autumns; protect us always with blessings....................

........I call to the cow who is easy to milk, so that the milker with clever hands may milk her.  Let Savitr inspire us with the finest vigour.  The pot of milk is set on the fire – this is what I would happily proclaim
The mistress of riches has come, snuffling and longing in her heart for her calf.  Let this cow give milk for the Asvins and grow greater for good fortune
The cow has lowed at her blinking calf, snuffling at his head to make him low.  Longing for his warm mouth, she lows and swells with milk
The one that encloses the cow hums; she  that is set over the spluttering flame lows.  With her hissing she has put down the mortal; become lightning, she has thrown  off the cloak

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Rig veda, the

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