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Intelligences - ELEMENTS AIR Sud



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One of the key tablets which describes the myth of how the Air vibrational layer was created is damaged.  Sumerian myths describe all of creation in terms people might understand thus the creation of the world involves sex.  The myth is very entertaining and indeed memorable, which is what it was intended to be.  At times it gets quite racy.

But just at the point where we find out how Air was created the story skips where chunks of the tablet are gone.  This means that we will never know the full story.

Sud is described in the myth as follows:

“The …… of the young girl burgeoned, and she became full of flourishing beauty. In the …… of Nisaba, at the gate of the E-zagin, …… she stood, the object of admiration, like a tall, beautifully shaped cow.”

Enlil – the Creator figure tries to seduce her "Come, I want to speak to you! I will have a talk with you about your becoming my wife. Kiss me, my lady of most beautiful eyes -- the matter rests in your hands."

He sends a message to her father as follows "I am a young man, I have sent this message to you because of my wish: I want to take your daughter as wife. Give me your consent. I will send you presents in my name, …… my marriage gifts. I am Enlil, …. the noble, the lord of heaven and earth. The name of your daughter shall become Ninlil”.

So here we have a clue because Ninlil is the Created.  By joining with her [symbolically] she becomes part of creation, as such there is every reason to consider Sud as the personification of Air.  There is even the possibility [and this is pure speculation], that the marriage gifts that Enlil sends are the things – the Entities – the Tree of Life objects one finds at the Air level [think of this as a big storage system].

The story proceeds with the creative process , the consummation and mystic marriage “Then Aruru grasped her by the hand and led her away into the Eš-maḫ. She brought her into the E-kur, the house of Enlil, and ……. In the sleeping quarters, in the flowered bed …… like a fragrant cedar forest, Enlil made (?) love to his wife and took great pleasure in it.”

And in version B of the tablet he says

“-- from now on, Sud, Enlil is the king and Ninlil is the queen. The goddess without name has a famous name now, ……
So she has become part of the Creation- a Created one.

According to Wikipedia Sud in her new role as the created one Ninlil was known as "Lady of the Wind".

A description of the experience

From Enlil and Sud


103-113. …… made …… feel good, brought great rejoicing in Enlil's heart. He raised his head ……, and animals came running. …… herds of four-legged animals that graze together in the desert. He caught …… living in the mountains, he made wild bulls, red deer, elephants, fallow deer, gazelles, bears, wild sheep and rams, lynxes, foxes, wild cats, tigers, mountain sheep, water buffaloes, monkeys, and thick-horned fat cattle jostle together noisily. Cows and their calves, wild cattle with wide-spread horns, …… rope, {ewes and lambs, goats and kids, romping ……} {(1 later ms. from Susa has instead:) …… and fighting}, large kids with long beards, scratching with their hooves, lambs, ……, and majestic sheep were despatched by Enlil toward Ereš.

114-117. Large cheeses, mustard-flavoured cheeses, small cheeses, ……, milk ……, the sweetest dry honey and white honey, ……, and thick and large …… were despatched by Enlil toward Ereš.

118-123. ……, dates, figs, large pomegranates, ……, ĝipar fruits, plums (?), ḫalub nuts, almonds, acorns, Dilmun dates packed in baskets, dark-coloured date spadices, large pomegranates gathered from orchards, big clusters of grapes on high, …… trees in fruit, trees from orchards, …… grown in winter, and fruits from orchards were despatched by Enlil toward Ereš.

124-136. Ores (?) from Ḫarali, the faraway land, …… storehouses, ……, rock-crystal, gold, silver, ……, the yield of the uplands ……, heavy loads of them, were despatched by Enlil toward Ereš.

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