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Zohar - III 288b - The Three heads



Type of Spiritual Experience


These are all roles with various options:

  • Creation, Maintenance and Destruction - similar to the Hindu model
  • Creator, Created and World soul - also Greek philosophical thought
  • Higher spirit, Inner court, Eye of God

All are valid, all 'right'.  The key to understanding is provided by looking up the symbol three.

A description of the experience

The Ancient of Days has three heads. He reveals himself in three archetypes, all three forming but one. He is thus symbolized by the number Three. They are revealed in one another. [These are:] first, secret, hidden 'Wisdom'; above that the Holy Ancient One; and above Him the Unknowable One. None knows what He contains; He is above all conception. He is therefore called for man 'Non-Existing' [Ayin]'" (Zohar, iii. 288b).

The source of the experience


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