Symbols - What does heaven look like

Egg (as symbol)

The Egg represents symbolically the Egg as a concept! 

The use of an egg as a symbol of the essential many layered aspects of the cosmos is prevalent in Russia, Sweden, ancient Egypt, Greece, China, India plus many other countries. The Alchemists also used the symbol of an egg as did the Druids.

The egg as a symbol is quite apt, as the shell represents the 'physical' whilst the internal white of the egg or albumen is the soft spiritual centre.  The yolk is then the Ultimate Intelligence.

In Egyptian cosmologies, the universe is termed the 'egg conceived in the now of the Great One of the dual force.  The God Ra is then shown in the egg'. [J E Cirlot- A Dictionary of Symbols]

An illustration on a papyrus, in the Oedipus Aegyptiacus of Kirchner shows an image of an egg floating above a mummy.

In Indian cosmology, Brahma burst forth from a golden egg and Pythagoras used a circle with a central point or hole to represent the egg shape.

Anything which lays an Egg is thus special – a bird or a turtle for example.


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