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Motoyama, Dr Hiroshi – The many layers and beings of the spirit world



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Quoted in From Near Death Experiences by Ornella Corazza

Hiroshi Motoyama holds the view that thanks to his meditative practices he was able to awaken his soul to a higher dimension of consciousness. I took the opportunity to discuss with him some of the features of [his] experiences, such as the meeting with other beings, or God.

He believes that there are many ontological dimensions of beings. Interactions among them can take place on both a vertical and a horizontal level. The latter happens on the plane of the same dimension (e.g. we meet and communicate with other people. Such a communication also happens in the rest of the animal and vegetal worlds. In this sense, a plant communicates with a plant, a rabbit communicates with a rabbit, and so on).

According to Motoyama, of a different nature is a 'vertical relationship', which happens between beings that belong to different ontological dimensions. An example of this is the meeting with beings of  Light, or deceased relatives during a near-death experience (NDE). He suggested that such interaction is possible because there is a field (basho) of the same dimension in which multiple beings are simultaneously placed. In one of his numerous publications, he wrote:

In order for beings to exist at all, there must be a basho (i.e. field) of the same dimension in which they are placed, wherein each recognizes the other(s) as homogenous with its own being, as well as recognizing its own being as heterogeneous with other being(s).
(Motoyama 2008)

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Motoyama, Dr Hiroshi

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