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The Wisdom of John Pordage [editor Arthur Versluis]

… Wisdom is a bright ray or glance issuing from the eye of eternity, therefore she is termed the brightness or clarity of the ‘Godhead’ [the central eye]  and a pure breath from the majesty of the almighty.  Wisdom is co-essential with the Trinity.  She is clearly distinguishable from the eye and the spirit of the eye, for she is only a brightness, glance, or ray proceeding from it and is consequently subordinate to the blessed Trinity.

The essential property of the divine wisdom is her virgin purity, for she is free from all desire, will and motion of her own.  She moves not, but as she is moved; and acts not but as she is acted on by the spirit of eternity.  She is an eternal stillness in herself.  She is a thousand times brighter and purer than the sun, fairer than the moon.  She is exalted above all things because of her beauty and immaculate purity; she is purity and virginity in the abstract.  She cannot be touched by sin, evil or self because she cannot mix with nor incline to anything except the essential love of God.  She is free from all essences whatever, being nothing else but the unspotted mirror of the glory and excellency of God.

Wisdom is a revealer of the mysteries and hidden wonders of the Deity.  She is the golden key of the eternal eye by which all the wonders of the Trinity are unlocked….. the office of Wisdom is to manifest and reveal all things.  She brings forth nothing, but only discovers and manifests whatever the Holy Trinity are pleased to bring forth.  Wisdom is the companion of the eternal eye; she is like a handmaid waiting upon the Trinity to publish and make known their counsels secrets and wonders

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Pordage, John

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