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The juxtaposition with the cross [citadel] is important

In search of the Picts – Elizabeth Sutherland

The triple oval appears some three or four times on Class I stones, including the Coversea cave in Moray, and on the class II stone at Skinnet in Caithness.  Its design most resembles the snake shaped bronze armlet found in the Culbin sands in Morayshire and the pair found at Castle Newe in Aberdeenshire.

There are no sacred geography sites left in Scotland that use three very large egg shaped stand-alone menhirs.  There are three stones at Machrie, but they are believed to be part of a larger stone circle.  Machrie Moor 2 is the most visually striking of the circles on Machrie Moor in Arran.  This circle has a diameter of 13.7 metres, and may originally have consisted of seven [Planets] tall sandstone slabs, three of which survive intact, while stumps of others may be seen.  The size of the menhir is indicative of the Intelligence being represented, and the Egg shape is important, all entities are Eggs from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy, but its size in sacred geography is represented by the size of the stone [or circle] that represents it.

But what we do see is that the Pictish signposts have survived even though the stones themselves don’t. 

But we do have an example of what they might have looked like further south.

The Three Arrows are three standing stones or menhirs in an alignment erected near where the A1 road now crosses the River Ure at Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire, England (grid reference SE390666).  Erected in prehistoric times and distinctively grooved, the tallest stone is 22 feet 6 inches in height making this the tallest menhir in the United Kingdom after the Rudston Monolith which is 25 feet tall.  The stones are composed of millstone grit.

The outer stones are 200 and 370 feet away from the central stone and form an alignment that is almost straight, running NNW-SSE. “It is thought that they may have been arranged to align with the southernmost summer moonrise”. The stones are part of a wider Neolithic complex on the Ure-Swale plateau which incorporates the Thornborough Henges.

Symbolically they represent the Trinity [NOT the Christian trinity, the original trinity].  See Map of the Egg and the links

Machrie stone circle - representing the symbolic Planets [7 Intelligences]

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