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Hogons of Dyon - The Shoemaker



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There is a sort of poetry in the symbolism used here, it is really beautiful

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From A Sudanese Sirius System M. GRIAULE and G. DIETERLEN

The 'Sirius' system as a whole is drawn at Sanga in different ways, in particular at the bado ceremony. On the facade of the residence of the great Hogon of Arou and inside the official houses assigned to the Hogons of Dyon, the course of these stars is represented by 'the pattern of the master of the star of the Shoemaker', dyan tolo bana tonu  (above), composed of a vertical axis supporting, two-thirds of the way up, a bulge, Sirius (S), and broken at its base to form an elongated foot jutting to the left at right-angles, the course of the star of the Shoemaker (C).

 It is topped by a semi-oval whose arms extend quite low down; the meeting-point (D) with this oval symbolizes Digitalia, whose course is traced by the right arm (F). But this arm is also the star of women whilst the left arm is Sorghum-Female (E) . The lower part of the axis (SC) , longer than the upper part (SD), reminds one that the Shoemaker (C) is farther than Sirius is from the other stars, and revolves in the opposite direction.

Thus it is that during the bado ceremony the oldest woman of the family draws, at the entrance to the house, the 'pattern of the world of women' , nyan aduno tonu, or 'pattern of the top and bottom of the world', aduno dale donule tonu (fig. xii).  It consists of an oval, the egg of the world, ….


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