Spiritual concepts


One of the levels and layers that go to make up the Egg.  As can be seen from the diagram below it can be found between the vibrational levels of Fire and Water.

The vibrational levels of Fire, Air, Water and Earth together constitute what is sometimes called the Outward court and in Neoplatonic terms is called the World soul

The functions allocated to each entity occurrence in the physical world are stored at various levels.

The Air level contains systems and functions which are far more pleasant.  Some of the functions which have been suggested for this layer include love and beauty, as well as humour.

Visually it does not look like the sky.  It is often 'seen' as supremely beautiful, in soft shades of pink and cream, with a marked stillness, and slight haziness.  There may be layers of cloud, the lower one is often of white thick opaque cloud, the upper of thicker denser and often darker clouds.  There are also, it appears, several cloud layers, one above the ‘Water’ level, another above that and yet others. 

The 'sky' itself may not be blue in visions, but there is the predominant feeling that the symbolic colour associated with this ‘area’ is  blue.  The area produces pleasant sensations , it ‘ kindles the fire of the heart and gives ecstasy’.


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