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Samavedas – 01 Book 04 Chapter 01, DECADE III [extract verses 7-8]



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A Rishi (Sanskrit: ऋषि ṛṣi) was an inspired poet of Ṛigvedic hymns, who alone or with others invokes the deities with poetry, he was also a prophet or "sage".

Varuna (Sanskrit: Varuṇa वरुण,  is the Hindu god of Water, as Agni is of Fire – the Elements

Yama or Yamarāja is the god of death, both ordinary death and annihilation.  In some contexts - as this one- death can mean being born, as many Rishis looked on incarnation in bodily form as a form of death - separation from the spirit world.  Life is death!!

A description of the experience

Samavedas – 01 Book 04 Chapter 01, DECADE III [extract verses 7-8]

Like birds of beauteous wing
the Priyamedhas, Rishis, imploring,
have come nigh to Indra.
Dispel the darkness and fill full our vision:
deliver us as men whom snares entangle !

They gaze on thee with longing in their spirit,
that mounteth sky-ward;
On thee with wings of gold,
Varuna's envoy,
the home of Yama.

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Samaveda, the

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