Spiritual concepts


A prophet is someone who is able to prophecy in the strict sense of the word predict the future without recourse to internal information in their memory. 

Given this definition, it has to be said that many so called prophets in the Bible are not actually prophets at all, we might more correctly call them illuminators or sages.

This is a quote purporting to come from a book entitled 'Leaves of the Garden of M or illumination',

A prophet is a man possessing spiritual far-sightedness.  Just as in the physical realm there is near-sightedness and far-sightedness so, quite simply, must one consider the quality of spiritual far-sightedness.  It would be rank ignorance to reject prophecy.  It would be supremely stupid to find fault with prophets.
If we investigate scientifically and dispassionately prophecies that have been preserved, what do we see?  We find individuals who, despite personal inconvenience, having glanced at the next page of history, were appalled and gave warning to their people.
In so-called prophecies you will find no personal designs, you will find no culpable self-gratification, you will find no slander. The symbols of the reflections are explained by the colours of distant windows.


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