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Gustav Klimt - "Portrait of Adele Bloch (gold foil)"  (left) -  and  -  a portrait of his wife Judith (right).


The symbol - one amongst many - for the Intelligence of the Sun.

For more details see Intelligences and their synonyms as well as Metal.

Gold can be seen as a generic symbol or a symbol used in the spiritual path.  The two are not at odds.  On a generic level Gold is equivalent to the Highest Intelligence levels – see Intelligences and their synonym.  On the spiritual path, however, to attain Gold is to achieve Annihilation.

 The following little bit of detail provides some extra useful background.

A Dictionary of Symbols – J E Cirlot
In Hindu doctrine, gold is the mineral light.  According to Guenon, the Latin for gold – aurum – is the same as the Hebrew for light – aor.  Jung quotes the delightful explanation offered by the alchemist Michael Maier in De Circulo Physico Quadrato to the effect that the sun, by virtue of millions of journeys round the earth or conversely, has spun threads of gold all round it.  Gold is the image of solar light and hence of the Divine [Ultimate]  Intelligence.  If the heart is the image of the sun in man, in the earth it is gold.  Consequently, gold is symbolic of all that is superior, the glorified or fourth state; after the first three stages of black, white and red [alchemy].  Everything golden or made of gold tends to pass on this quality of superiority to its utilitarian function.  Chrysaor, the magic sword of gold, symbolises supreme spiritual determination.  Gold is also the essential element in the symbolism of the hidden or elusive treasure which is an illustration of the fruits of the spirit and of supreme illumination.

Which is why all treasure is gold.


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