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The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead



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Compare this observation with that of Paul Brunton and his rebirth experience - makes for an interesting comparison.

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The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead – translated by R O Faulkner

Spell 77 – spell for being transformed into a falcon of gold

I have appeared as a great falcon, having come forth from the Egg; I have flown up and alighted as a falcon of four cubits along its back, whose wings are of green stone of Upper Egypt; I have gone up from the coffer into the Night-bark, I have brought my heart from the eastern mountains, I have alighted in the Day-bark, there are brought to me those of ancient times bowing down, and they give me worship when I appear, having been reassembled as a fair falcon of gold upon the pointed stone.  Re comes in daily to give judgement, and I sit among those elder gods of the Lower sky; He of the Field of Offerings bows to me in the Presence, and I eat of him and have power over him, I have abundance to my desire.  The grain god has given me smoked barley, and I have power over what appertains to my head.

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Egyptian Book of the Dead

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