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Samavedas – 01 Book 06 Chapter 02, DECADE III Soma Pavamana



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Samavedas – 01 Book 06 Chapter 02, DECADE III Soma Pavamana

To lndra, to the mighty one, let these gold-coloured juices go,
Drops born as Law prescribes,
that find the light of heaven.

Flow vigilant for lndra, thou Soma, yea, lndu, run thou forth;
Bring hither splendid strength
that finds the light of heaven !

Sit down, O friends, and sing aloud to him who purifies himself.
Deck him for glory, like a child,
with holy rites!

Friends, hymn your Lord who makes him pure for rapturous carouse:
let them Sweeten him, as a child,
with lauds and sacred gifts!

Breath of the mighty Dames, the Child, speeding the plan of sacrifice,
Surpasses all things that are dear,
yea, from of old !

ln might, O lndu, with thy streams flow for the banquet of the Gods:
Rich in meath, Soma,
in our beaker take thy seat!

Soma, while filtered, with his wave flows through the long wool of the sheep,
Roaring, while purified,
before the voice of song.

The speech is uttered for the sage, for Soma being purified:
Bring mead as 'twere to one
who makes thee glad with hymns!

Flow to us, lndu, very strong, effused, with wealth of kine and steeds,
And do thou lay above the milk
thy radiant hue!

Voices have sung aloud to thee as finder-out of wealth for us:
We clothe the hue thou wearest
with a robe of milk.

Gold-hued and lovely in his course through tangles of the wool he flows:
Stream forth heroic fame
upon the worshippers!

On through the long wool of the sheep to the meath-dropping vat he flows:
The Rishis' sevenfold quire
hath sung aloud to him.

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