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Pauli, Wolfgang - The World Clock Vision



Type of Spiritual Experience


Pauli's dreams led up to this one great revelatory vision.  Pauli described it as "an impression of the most sublime harmony"

Jung described it as a turning point in Pauli's psychological development and a 'spiritual conversion'.  Jung did not understand the symbolism, but this is no criticism of Jung, as at the time he had only just started to explore symbols and he had no Kabbalistic or mystical roots to guide him. 

The vision owes much to Plato's conception of interlocking spheres, but it is chiefly personal and is in essence a representation of the spiritual path plus the signs of the Zodiac as seen in astrological charts.

Every 'aggregate' from universe to atom is represented symbolically by an Egg.  The Egg of each holds the plan for that thing within the Great Work [spiritual path] as well as the interlocking map of its destiny - the goal and the attributes it is given to achieve that destiny.  In effect why we are here and also what should we be doing.

The centre common to both is his Higher spirit.

World clock = Four seasons and the hours

Black and Eagle

It is thus a picture of Pauli's spiritual path - the four seasons and the hours, plus his astrological chart and his destiny.  

The four colours are the colours of the elements.

The different pulses are symbolic of the interlocking parts of the various plans for each aggregate.  Thus the concepts of aeons and configurations as well as increments play a part here.


A description of the experience


From C G Jung – Psychology and Religion
The History and Psychology of a Natural symbol

There are a vertical and a horizontal circle with a centre common to both. This is the world clock. It is carried by the black bird. [The patient refers here to a preceding vision, where a black eagle had carried away a golden ring.]

The vertical circle is a blue disk with a white rim, divided into 4 X 8 =  32 partitions.

A hand is rotating upon it.

The horizontal circle consists of four colours. Four little men are standing upon the circle carrying pendula and the golden ring [of the former vision] is laid around it.

The world clock has three rhythms or pulses:

1. The small pulse: the hand of the blue vertical disk moves on one thirty-second (1/32) at a time.

2. The middle pulse is one complete rotation of the hand. At the same time the horizontal circle moves on by one thirty-second.

3.  The great pulse:  thirty two middle pulses are equal to one complete rotation of the golden ring

The source of the experience

Pauli, Wolfgang

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