Spiritual concepts

Higher spirit and personality

During any one ‘life’, the Higher Spirit usually has one Personality.  But there are instances where the Higher spirit itself creates multiple Personalities, usually to produce a more robust version of the initial personality able to deal with uncontrollable and continuous threats to the person. 

Consciousness transfers between personalities.

Each personality can build up different interests and friends – learn different things.  One of the best known cases was ‘Sybil’. Sybil Dorsett, a pseudonym for Shirley Ardell Mason (1923–1998), an American psychiatric patient with multiple personality disorder.  Her case was told in a book by Flora Rheta Schreiber. 

The diagram below comes from the description of the relationship between the Higher spirit and the perceptions.  See also Higher spirit and Perceptions.


Although during a life, only one Personality contributes to the Perception log, in any case of split personality or multiple personality, the different Personalities contribute in a consecutive way to the perceptions log.  The events in the person’s life are never without an entry, everything is always logged, it is just that different Personalities all contribute to the log.

See also Higher spirit, Personality and memory.


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