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Full Inter-dimensional Interview: Bashar and Alan Steinfeld 02



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Full Inter-dimensional Interview: Bashar and Alan Steinfeld 02

One little thing or if you can back up and tell us, where you're from? Who you are basically?  What time frame you exist in?

We are in what you might call "an alternate dimension of reality" although we have our own discussion, shall we say with physical reality.
We have our own experience, shall we say with the idea of physical reality. You would perceive us as somewhat physicalised. In our reality we exist, like you, on a planet.
In its ancient term it is called Essassani which means, "place of living light".
We are, in that sense, genetically related to your species which is why we bear some resemblance to you as we are an offshoot hybrid race created in part with human genetic material.
We, in that sense, are also evolving in our own capacity and in that, we are connected to you in that you are our ancestors, so to speak. Us being in our reality seemingly about 300 years in your future. We, thus, reach back to you across that divide from one dimension to the other to also be of assistance to you and to answer the invitation that your people have given off with regard to awakening the spirituality and inviting in any consciousness that is also willing to participate with you in the adventure of that awakening.
And so, like the relationship that I have with the physical channel sitting before you where I am, in a sense, the channels future self and the channel, in a sense, is my past incarnation on your planet. We are thus then, in a sense, the same soul and this is true with many of you on your world.
Many of us on our world are, in that sense the future incarnations of many of you and thus we will reach back to ourselves through our consciousness and thus aid and assist you in your experience to move up the ladder even as we also moved up the ladder aided and assisted by higher consciousnesses above and beyond us.

So the soul is a continuum of expression, in a sense all soul experiences are happening at the same time.

Yes. Time in that sense is your illusion in space-time reality.

Everything is simultaneously coexistent. Yet, at the same time, because it is coexistent we can break through the barrier of the illusion of space and time and speak and connect to any being in any reality no matter what time frame it seems to exist in within its own cognizance.


So we are like a film, existing within one frame of a continuum...

But also you can come from the point of view of what you might call the film's projectionist.
Where you can hold the strip of film in front of your face and see all the frames at the same time.

Exactly. So there might be somebody that wants to channel through Bashar in some greater evolution of this soul's expression.

-Yes, and this does occur.

 -It does. -Who would you be channelling?

-My own higher self. which is connected to non-corporeal consciousness connected to the star system that you know as Sirius.

And you are where? In what star system, 300 years in the future?

Again, the idea of our star system is called Sha but it is not in your physical reality. So, unless you make a vibratory adjustment to our dimension our star is invisible to you and from our reality your star system is invisible to us unless we shift into your reality.
But, if we were to overlay our dimensional reality and our galactic coordinates with your dimensional reality and your galactic coordinates, you could say that our star system is about 500 of your light years in the direction of the Orion constellation.

I see. So you sort of moved out of the home planet Earth after the hybridization of the greys and humans.

I have never existed on your planet. Our civilization, in that sense, was created and the planet, in that sense, was formed for us as well and our civilization placed on that planet to grow and to learn.

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Anka, Darryl

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