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Healer H - I’m the Fagan with the kids



Type of Spiritual Experience


This was an experiment – a joint experiment where I was subjected to stimulation via trigger point techniques and another person  - the observer – used this and  Reiki to use me as a portal – it was successful on a number of occasions and you will find a number of observations derived from this approach.  Psychologists will love this one – but they may well be wrong in their interpretation, a lot of this is health related   …………

A description of the experience

22rd November  Transcript

a long tree trunk and people with old clothes carrying it with metal things hanging from it, it resembles scales a bit.  There is one person at either end of it and it is tipping back and forth

a gold wrist watch shining bright – the time says 5 to 10

now a factory with machines twirling and whirling – silver metal – a pole long same size as the tree trunk spinning around

I’m shown a piece of leather followed by a leather case and a nice old man with a feather pen in his hand pulls a scroll out from the case - ……..

I’m shown a castle very grand in red and orange a stone building……….

I float up and up and whoa………. Down we go like a roller coaster we are sitting at the front

A rusty door handle opens a door and  … another roller coaster trip down and down ….. not as deep as last time

Now they are showing me the tail side of a 2p coin – they keep saying it is copper copper

Up and down I go - ……… shown a big tree with a wider trunk than the first with a black metal seat surrounding it – you are sitting on it

 Down again ……….. low loow down a copper chain with copper rings around it. it’s attached to a large treasure chest wooden with black metal on it….. like a cross ….. the chain moves up towards me like a snake!! , I’m a bit frightened here …. Then the chain snaps and allows the lid of the chest to open – bright light!! …shining from within – a sense of power – joy everything is OK

A star shines bright in the sky – snowdrops – blue snow drops….. star is blue too……

Fatherly figure appears ….. pats you on the back as you walk into a garden ….. but an empty pram …………. Something about I’m the Fagan with the kids??

The source of the experience

Healer H

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