Symbols - What does heaven look like


In the section on the Four seasons and the Hours, we saw that a person’s life can be divided up into a 24 hour clock, or the 4 seasons.  The top half of the clock is symbolically the spiritual path – thus 12 of the 24 hours.

This can be represented as a ‘real’ clock in effect you can place the 12 hours round the rim of the clock and overall it represents the spiritual path, excluding any other stages in your life.

We can now forget any previous numbering in the old 24 hour system and start afresh.  We start at 1.00 on the spiritual path go round clockwise and gradually move round the clock until at midnight we end the path  - like Cinderella [except she didn’t obey instructions].

If we further subdivide it into the major stages then we end up with a six spoked wheel.


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