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Healer H - A ring of daisies forming a daisy chain



Type of Spiritual Experience


This was an experiment – a joint experiment where I was subjected to stimulation via trigger point techniques and another person  - the observer - used Reiki to use me as a portal – it was successful on a number of occasions and you will find a number of observations derived from this approach

A description of the experience

10th November  Transcript

Azure dragon – not very clear

A man……. surrounded by candles and he brings a ceramic brown plate of food – shown green crops fields and fields

Now a ring of daisies forming a daisy chain – pink – very pretty – going round and round

Now a man in brown leather boots and white trousers I can only see the bottom half of him from knee to the foot but he’s sort of plodding along plod plod plod a…. now a row of people men and women carrying a brown wooden beam all wearing daisy headdresses

I am putting my ‘wand’ [laughs] the quartz crystal over your solar plexus now.  Wow whoosh instantly in and up ………. Up ……. Up seem to be in some sort of castle but I am at the top and I am walking along a corridor now ……….. door opens and I am in a huge dome shaped space – someone says this is the board room.  There is a round table.  Six people there

Here comes that fuzzy green mist again – oh and I’m off along another corridor – 2 wooden doors open – and the knight – you know that knight I’ve seen lots of times, he’s there but he is not in his armour…… he has greeted me.  There is a balcony here looking down on a courtyard and a torchlight circling the courtyard below like a sort of searchlight

I’ve told them only to tell me what is important

Two crowns form the action of opening and closing – I back away.

Silence for a while

Aaaaah now snow – lots of snow and a snowy road with a big tree at the side cool calm quiet, going gently up [no more roller coaster that’s good] nice this

Anything else?

Snowy fields – attention drawn to a wooden fence – then a dry stone wall in the next field

Cool, very nice

The source of the experience

Healer H

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