Symbols - What does heaven look like


The physical body of a person is represented by the candle whereas the flame takes on Flame symbolism, thus representing their Higher spirit. Thus the symbolism of the candle is relatively straightforward, the body of the candle is our body [form] and the wick is the link between the body and the spiritual world – this tends to be the spine hence there is a connection herr with the various forms of spiritual practises such as sexual stimulation and stimulation of trigger points to induce kundalini experiences.

The soul as a small flame occurs again and again in poems as well as visions.  It has such universal symbolic meaning that to’ light a candle’ for a person means something world-wide – it is a symbolic act of respect, perhaps at a time when they need support……

Young – Love of Fame

Some future strain, in which the muse shall tell
How science dwindles and how volumes swell
How commentators each dark passage shun
And hold their farthing candle to the sun

If the candle is in a  holder the link with the sexually based systems of invocation is even stronger.


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