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Nizami – Makhzanol Asrar (The Treasury of Mysteries) – from Poets and Poetry 03



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Nizami – Makhzanol Asrar (The Treasury of Mysteries) – extract from Poets and Poetry 03

Unless thou art well versed in the Mohammadan law [symbolism], beware,
be not betrothed to poetry.

Poetry will seat thee on the Tree of Paradise;
it will make thee ruler of the empire of the spirit.

Through the Mohammedan law [symbolism] thy poetry will reach a stage
where the shadow of thy girdle will reach to Gemini

Poetry will give thee a princely name;
for Poets are the princes of words.

Like heaven, thou shouldst not rest,
until thy poetry is as high as heaven.

Humble thyself like the candle;
die during the day and live during the night.

When the steed of thought gallops hotly,
the swift heaven slackens its speed.

It is better to accept words slowly,
so that thou mayest receive them from a sublime hand.

If thou dost not approve whatever is sown thee behind this veil,
they will show thee a better thing.

If thou acquires a pearl, do not wear it immediately;
seek a better one than thou hast.

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