Symbols - What does heaven look like


Rollout - this is the ninth stage in the Method used for the Great Work. It covers both education and marketing. The education and training can be of both the users of the system and the developers of the system.  Marketing simply means explaining and letting people know that the new system is on its way and something of what it will do.  The two are obviously closely related, the best form of marketing is education 

The symbolism here has to be taken in context.  It does not mean form and function, or Higher spirit  and mind, though of course it could do in another context. 

But in this context it means the combination of the Conscious and the Subconscious – the ego and the shadow, both of which are needed in this role as you need the skills of the intellect and to have a good Memory, but you also need the ‘soft’ skills of the communicator and the person able to empathise with others.  And you need a certain creative ability to put over what you want to convey using pictures.

So here we have the idea of the person who spreads ideas through their ability to communicate.


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