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Stockhausen - Momente



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The music that Stockhausen composed  works via Listening to sound and music.  Stockhausen himself, however, obtained his inspiration via the same thing but with the [unwanted]  addition of  Psychological trauma

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Stockhausen- Momente (1/2)

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Text zur Musik 1970-1977

Interview 1:  Gesprach mit hollandischem Kunstkreis 1973

Stockhausen’s music is not Stockhausen, but this spirit which is using me.  And you, too, are not what you appear to be.  Your human personality is quite limited and temporary.  You are little lights, as I am, which flicker – which whisper something to one another, to pass the time.  What it is that we say is fundamentally also not so important …. What is important is that we are together like this … for twenty lights simply give off more light … than a single one …

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