Spiritual concepts

World soul

A term used in Neoplatonism and in certain 'New Age' literate to mean, analogously, the collection of all the copies of the software which 'animates' physical things. 

Whereas the package developer is known as the One, the master package is known within this system as 'the Nous' and consists of the functions for all physical entities.  The World soul is then the collection of all the copies of these archetypal master systems.  For example, one master set of functions for border collies [nous], but millions of border collie implementations on each actual physical border collie [world soul].

“The image and product of the motionless nous is the world-soul, which, according to Plotinus, is, like the nous, immaterial. Its relation to the nous is the same as that of the nous to the One. It stands between the nous and the phenomenal world, is permeated and illuminated by the former, but is also in contact with the latter. The nous is indivisible; the world-soul may preserve its unity and remain in the nous, but at the same time it has the power of uniting with the corporeal world and thus being disintegrated”.

In the corresponding Trinity of Mother, Father and Son, the Father is the Creator role [the One], the Mother is the Created role [the Nous];  and all the Sons is the World soul.

Note that the word 'soul' in this context [being in origin Greek] includes both the Higher spirit [immortal soul] and the soul itself [mortal soul].


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