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The Expanding Consciousness DPT by TryptamineDreamer



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The Expanding Consciousness


by TryptamineDreamer

Citation:   TryptamineDreamer. "The Expanding Consciousness: An Experience with DPT (ID 58932)". Erowid.org. Feb 5, 2007. erowid.org/exp/58932


DOSE: T+ 0:00 60 mg IM DPT
  T+ 0:15 12 mg insufflated DPT



My mood was slightly depressed at the time of the trip, but I was excited about trying DPT as it is something I have been wanting to try for a long time.

4:30pm I inject 60mg of DPT

4:35 I am starting to feel it just a bit

4:40 I am maybe at a weak +2, mild visuals are starting. No nausea yet.

4:45 It is just a little stronger. I snort another 12mg because I do not think the 60mg was enough.

4:50 Feeling moderate nausea, I am going up fast. Now at a med. +3. Visuals getting intense

4:55 Nausea is pretty bad now, I may vomit soon. Hands are getting a little shaky. The trip is not interesting or pleasant. There are swirls and streaks of visuals. They are moving too fast. I feel disoriented. I hear sounds that are similar to airplanes flying by.

5:10 Nausea has not gotten any worse. Pleasant rushes move up and down my body. The sounds have stopped. When I move my fingers or pick things up, my hands tremble. The visuals come in waves. They are very intense at the peaks, but I am not paying much attention to them. The visuals are quite different from any others I have seen. Euphoria is setting in. My mind seems to be expanding.

5:20 The nausea has decreased quite a bit. The pleasant rushes and chills have intensified. I have a feeling that my body and reality are melting. My mind is connecting to a vast consciousness. My soul is being filled with warmth. It feels that I understand something about the nature of reality that can't be put into words.

5:45 The nausea is almost gone. I go from feelings of peace and calmness to extreme euphoria. I have a feeling that everything will be ok and is just as it should be. My view of reality has changed, and nothing seems real. I can physically feel how it has partly melted away. It is hard to tell exactly what I am. I can feel part of myself on the ceiling and in/on other inanimate objects. The visuals are intense when I notice them, but I am not focusing on them. My mind feels like it is partially dissolved in the vast consciousness. There is no anxiety and no darkness to be found here. Everything is beautiful, colors have never seemed so vibrant.

5:55 The vast consciousness is expanding in all directions. It is shaped like a cd without the hole in the middle. My mind is just a ripple or a wave in this consciousness. I can see that this is what we all are. I am filled with warmth and light. This would be a +4 if I could only become a little more immersed in the experience. I am not quite disconnected from reality enough for that. It is not that I am trying to resist it, I just did not take quite enough. The euphoria is bordering on pure bliss. The body high is very pleasant also.

6:30 Things are still pretty much the same as they were half an hour ago. I am somewhat more connected to my body, not feeling my self in other objects. I still feel myself in the expanding consciousness. What this consciousness is, I do not know. Maybe it is god, or the universe. It is impossible to describe the feelings I am having, but you probably understand if you have tripped enough.

7:00-8:00 The intensity is dropping off gradually. My mind is coming back together. I feel as if my soul has been cleansed. Everything seems new and like I am experiencing them for the first time. My hands are still shaky. The body high may be decreasing. I am filled with joy.

8:15 Down to a medium +2. Body high is much weaker. The newness is still there. Euphoria has decreased. I am wishing it would not end, but I have college tomorrow and could not have tripped on anything that lasted longer. I have a feeling that life is going to be better. I have a slight headache now but it may not be due to the DPT. I had a headache earlier today.

9:00 Down to a +1. Hand tremors have stopped, body high is almost gone. Things still seem just a little unreal, but I am almost back to normal. There is still some very light visual patterning and quite a bit of static. I feel great!

10:00 Just about to baseline. Still slight feelings of unrealness. Visuals are almost gone, just more static than usual. I feel a strong sense of well-being. I feel as if I have been cleansed within. These last 5 hours have been amazing!

2:00 AM This is about the time that I get to sleep, still with a slight feeling of unreality.

Next day: I feel tired from a lack of sleep, but my mood is very good.

It has been two days since the trip, and I still feel much better than usual. I have a feeling of optimism and I am normally pessimistic. This improvement should last 2-4 weeks before I return completely to my typical depressed state. That is how long it usually lasts. I will probably trip again soon after that happens. Maybe it will last longer this time. I would have to say that DPT is one of the best psychedelics I have tried. The side effects were not too bad and after the come-up there was no darkness or anxiety at all. I came close to a +4, and this was the first time I have used this substance. I'll be looking forward to doing this again!

Exp Year: 2007 ExpID: 58932
Gender: Male  
Age at time of experience: Not Given  
Published: Feb 5, 2007 Views: 17,475

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