Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Common steps and sub-activities

Hearing sounds and music

Henry Ryland - Allegory of Music

The very specific case of hearing voices is described separately, here we investigate the ‘hearing’ of other sorts of sound through spiritual experience and not via our ears!

The phrase used for sounds which are not perceived with the ear is ‘Inner sound’.  The 'Inner ear' may be able to pick up a whole host of different sorts of sound - the noises as of bells and other instruments, of animal and human noises, of water and thunder and music. 

The Hindus in Shabda yoga associate some sounds with ‘various energy centres in the body in which they seem to occur as one's practise progresses’ - chakras. “Some sounds are not of this world and bring ineffable states with them. Others represent the action of vast cosmic forces into which one's self is absorbed.”

In effect, there are two sorts of sound which people experience:

-          Mundane sounds - the replay of sound which was ‘captured’ as part of everyday life.  They come from Perceptions

-          Not mundane sounds - music and other sounds which appear to have no equivalent on earth having a very unearthly quality. 


 Mundane sounds

Anything which is clearly a sound which could be earthly, probably is earthly!  The replay of sound which was ‘captured’ as part of everyday life. 

These sounds come from Perceptions

They may come from your Perceptions in which case the experience you are having is more correctly called Perception recall; or they may be from the Perceptions of other people and transmitted to you via inter composer communication

Thus children laughing, animal and human sounds, people singing, birds singing, traffic noises, may all be heard because at some stage they were ‘recorded’ by you or someone else through the 5 senses.  You have perhaps inadvertently logged in to someone else’s mind!


This can happen when we form a bridge with someone else – kiss them [saliva] or share blood with them via a blood transfusion for example.  If one person prepares food that others eat, then a bridge may be formed.  Sweat is another bridge, so if you go to a gym with lots of sweaty people grasping equipment, you are forming a bridge.  Wipe your mouth with a hand that has touched that equipment and you could well form a bridge with other people who have used it, if you lick your lips and swallow.

These sorts of sounds are occasionally accompanied by images which then give you a better clue as to where they come from. 

Many people on pharmaceuticals hear replays of well-known tunes or songs they have heard in their youth.  It can of course become very tiresome if the music doesn’t stop, but I’m afraid this is one of the consequences of drugs and pharmaceuticals. 

Not mundane sounds


Even sounds which appear unearthly may in fact be earthly simply because there may be some sorts of sounds we have never heard personally, but someone else, with whom we have formed a bridge, has.  In effect with many types of sound it is very difficult to know the true source. 

The variety of sounds which can be heard are immense.  According to the observers I looked at, everything has a sound, even things which in normal life don’t have a ‘sound’ can have a sound when you are having a vision or hallucination.

There are some sorts of sound, however, that do tell us something:

  • Humming and buzzing sounds – Humming and buzzing noises with a similar sound to that bees make can be an indicator that you may be about to go out of body.  For more details see this section
    Bells – the sound of bells may simply be a replay of a sound heard, and bells also have a symbolic meaning, but unearthly tinkling noises may indeed be unearthly.  People have heard carillons of bells – and in this case they can be classed as celestial music
  • Sounds like an Aeolian harp – an Aeolian harp always sounds unearthly, and in general few people have heard one, so it will not be a case of Perception recall.  There are two options for an explanation – firstly it is true celestial music [follow the link], or it is a case of synaesthesia.  If you are on any Pharmaceuticals and drugs then it is likely to be synaesthesia – images are being turned into sound, or smells being turned into sound, tastes turned into sound or touches/sensations turned into sound.  Both are quite exciting as they are proof of spirit.
    Birdsong – there is some bird-song that is so unearthly it sends shivers down your back.  It often accompanies visions or dreams and was at one time said to be the angels singing – and indeed that is exactly what it sounds like.  I have no explanation for this other than perhaps it is the angels singing!
  • Music – ‘Music’ of a sort with notes that go up and down, but with no obvious ‘tune’ to them may be caused by synaesthesia - – images are being turned into sound, or smells being turned into sound, tastes turned into sound or touches/sensations turned into sound.  One should not dismiss this form of experience as it is proof of spirit.

    If the music is unearthly, beautiful, tuneful, but using scales and pitches you do not recognise.  If it has a great effect emotionally, then it is likely to be celestial music and this is indeed very special.  You have touched spirit and come into contact with the universe executing its systems.  This music can sometimes sound like it is played on a musical instrument – pipes, flutes, and fiddles or violins, being favourite.


Please note that the vast majority of the observations are classified under the sub-headings above, but I have provided non-specific examples here.


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