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Pete Townshend of the Who hears celestial music



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Extract from lead article 'Homeless man turns haunting noises in his head into Symphony' – Daily Express Thursday May 2nd 2013 by Mike Ridley

FOR MOST of his life rock legend Pete Townshend has been haunted by the music of an angelic orchestra and choir.

The Who's lead guitarist has tried without success to recreate the heavenly sounds he first heard in his head as an 11-year-old on a River Thames boat ride.

Townshend tells of hearing the music while on a boat with his Sea Scout troop. “I heard violins, cellos, horns, harps and voices, which increased in number until I could hear the threads of an angelic choir. It was a sublime experience. I have never heard such music since and my personal music ambition has always been to rediscover that sound and relive its effect on me.”

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Townshend, Pete

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