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Just after Mrs L's death, between 2 and 3 am, I heard a most sweet and singular strain of singing outside the windows



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A Casebook of Otherworldly Music – D Scott Rogo

This case from Phantasms, Volume II, page 639,  was originally written as a diary entry and was not composed with the thought of being published - being so, it is most evidential since, aside from the honesty of the facts, there is little logical reason for the case to have been written out.

Just after Mrs. L.'s death, between two and three a.m., I heard a most sweet and singular strain of singing outside the windows. It died after passing the house. All in the room heard it, and the medical attendant who was still with us, went to the window as I did and looked out, but there was nobody there. It was a bright and beautiful night. It was as if several voices were singing in perfect unison, a sweet melody which died away in the distance. Two persons had gone from the room to fetch something and were coming back upstairs at the back of the house and heard singing and stopped, saying, "What is that singing?"

They could not naturally have heard any sound outside the windows in the front of the house from where they were.

I cannot think that any explanation can be given to this, as I think, supernatural singing, but it would be very interesting to me to know what is said by those who have made such matters a subject of study.

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