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Bird Chirping Overtones DiPT & Cannabis by Flying Hamster



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Bird Chirping Overtones

DiPT & Cannabis

by Flying Hamster

Citation:   Flying Hamster. "Bird Chirping Overtones: An Experience with DiPT & Cannabis (ID 24237)". Erowid.org. Jul 5, 2004. erowid.org/exp/24237

DOSE: T+ 0:00 15 mg insufflated DiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 20 mg insufflated DiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:00 5.0 mg smoked DiPT (powder / crystals)

An avid psychonaut friend of mine had recently acquired a moderate quantity of diisopropyltryptamine, and due to my particular fascination with this drug that I had never before done I naturally obtained a quantity in the area of 500 mg. After a mild sharpness of sorts but no noticeably discernable psychoactive effects on a 15-20 mg oral dose, I decided I would have to use a much higher quantity or a more efficient means to achieve the effects I had been desiring. I have had one notable experience since then. I was at home with nobody around, and I had been smoking cannabis somewhat regularly that day. In the early afternoon, my pondering got the best of me and I began to fantasize about the 'audial rich vibrant world' that I always envisioned DiPT as offering in my younger years. Soon I found myself sitting in front of a small bump of the intriguing chemical.

T-0:00 Insufflated 15 mg DiPT.

T-0:05 Everything seems to have shifted slightly, body high just noticeable, a familiar tryptamine feeling. Smoked a bowl and took a walk.

T-2:00 Insufflated 20 mg DiPT. Smoked a bowl with ~5 mg.

T-2:15 Now we are talking. Occasional random intense patterned visuals appear but are hardly my concern as I play a computer game and discover that I have most of my faculties about me. Then why do I feel like I am tripping? Things smell quite strange.

T-4:00 The small body high is mostly gone, but auditory effects are exquisitely confusing. Nothing like what I had been told, unfortunately.

T-22:00 (After an ok night of sleep) sitting in my chair, I hear a softened shouting noises and a low metallic noise identical to ones I had heard in the computer game I was playing the day prior. Realizing I must have left the game running, I was surprised to see the computer's power off. I sat for a long time trying to figure out where the noise came from until I realized that upon hearing distant bird chirping, I somehow isolated certain frequencies of overtones in my perception, effectively morphing the non-pitch related qualities of the sound itself! For a while after that 'hallucination', I could hear almost any sound that I remembered ever hearing solely in the form of bird chirping overtones!!

Conclusion: Inhaling DiPT works, as does insufflation. But sniffing this stuff is painful and not recommended. Also, DiPT's effect on your body's other senses is definitely there, especially for taste/smell. I got a lot of weird olfactory hallucinations... things still smell quite unfamiliar a few days after the experience (although the DiPT itself smells more and more familiar). Ears ringing for a couple days... comes in waves. In my social circle, DiPT is seen as 5MeoDiPT's relatively inactive cousin. I have taken 5MeoDiPT and I enjoy DiPT much more, unlike most psychonauts. Although DiPT's subtlety can be a vice, I much prefer subtlety to the 'rollercoaster to nowhere' of 'Foxy'(5meodipt).

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