Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Category: Medicines


Involuntary and voluntary

Introduction and description


N,N-Dipropyltryptamine - DPT, is a drug belonging to the tryptamine family, first reported in 1973 [International Pharmacopsychiatry. 1973;8(1):104.]. 

As we can see it is yet another pharmaceutical originally used by psychiatrists. 

 It is found either as its crystalline hydrochloride salt or as an oily or crystalline base. It does not occur naturally, in other words it is the invention of chemists.

Studies using 15-30 mg intramuscularly have been used as adjuncts to psychotherapy with alcoholic patients. Higher doses, up in the 100 milligram range, have been explored in psychotherapy, “in the quest for peak experiences”. Yet another study, explored the interaction of therapy counselling and DPT-induced peak experiences with patients who were dying.  It is unclear why psychiatrists thought the dying needed a tryptamine based drug to help them.  Given the observations of the dying on this site, those using no pharmaceuticals at all appear to have blissful deaths.  All this experimentation was in the USA.


The earliest reports of experiments with people used 1 mg/Kg, and were conducted on a population of “physically sound alcoholics” which sounds a bit of an oxymoron, but we will leave this aside.  According to Dr ShulginThis was not only a study to define the nature of action of DPT, but to challenge the idea that the metabolism of the dialkyltryptamine on the 6-hydroxyl position might give rise to active metabolites. This challenge was in the form of assaying 6-fluoro-N,N-diethyltrypamine in the same subjects, to see if it might be an active placebo”.

It is not made clear whether the participants were aware that this was the aim.

DPT and the spiritual path

Despite the fact that DPT has been used for ‘research’, we would not have included DPT into this section under normal circumstances - consigning it into the bin of pointless chemicals along with thousands of others, - but for one thing, it is a very good chemical with which to compare the worthwhile with the worthless.

DPT is an entirely man-made chemical. 

By comparing the experiences obtained from DPT with those obtained from plant based substances, it provides a valuable lesson on what is a spiritual drug and what isn’t.  And the differences are very very marked. 

Many plant based drugs – even those with the ability to provoke extreme reactions have specific but narrow therapeutic and spiritual use.

DPT has no recreational or therapeutic use, none.

Many of the ‘difficult and serious’ plant based drugs, as long as the plant is used, take you to the plant based world, and, if you are lucky and prepared, the spirits of the plant can heal your mind.  The spirit of ibogaine can heal a body wounded by opiates [though not benzodiazepines], the spirit of the ayahuasca plant can, it would seem, heal a number of ills; but DPT appears to be able to heal nothing.

 It takes you no further along any form of spiritual path.

 It is a spiritual dead-end. 

It may even suck you down into a man-made hell.  Hell is man-made anyway, and the realm of this drug appears to be just another layer in this ever growing region.  If you died taking this, your higher spirit would literally be in torment.



There are several routes of administration which people use.  As we have no experience of drugs, the following is gleaned from established users.

Smoking – “Smoking provides the fastest onset with almost immediate entry and a relatively short duration (20 minutes)”.  Given that all serotonin based substances cause vasoconstriction there are real dangers here related to oxygen deprivation.

Insufflation (Hcl salt) – there are a number of observations of people who have done this. The nose provides access to the brain, as such you are sending the substance into your brain directly.  The effects seem to be more startling and longer lasting, over 2 hours duration.

Intramuscular injection (Hcl salt) – dangerous because you may hit a vein.  If you do and it gets into your blood stream you have just injected a vasoconstrictor.  You could have a cardiac arrest, or lose consciousness. 

The problems of DPT


The effects are unpredictable – generally one can judge that the effects of any drug will be height, weight and age then dose dependant at least.  But it would seem from the observations that even this basic rule does not work.

“There is a huge amount of variability in the dosage curve, physical effects, and subjective psychological response. Some people have been completely smashed with as little as 50 mg insufflated while others required 200 mg to really get where they wanted to go. Many people reported being uncomfortable with the physical aspect and body load that manifests as a very specific body vibration….. There has been a wide variability with this, and the people who are more sensitive to the drug typically manifest more of the tremor effect. I have personally witnessed a hard core freak out with 60 mg insufflated and I feel obligated to strongly warn people about the serious nature of this drug. DPT is … certainly not for those just looking for a recreational good time.”

It is dangerous – DPT could kill you.  DPT is a tryptamine and works principally via the serotonin system.  The serotonin system affects the heart causing vasoconstriction, the brain causing hypoxia, the intestines and can cause diarrhoea and the stomach which causes us to vomit.  DPT is an alien substance to the body anyway, as such it is inevitable that most people will be sick, but the drug is actually helping this. 

Smoking and IM will produce enough vasoconstriction to mean the heart will have to beat very hard to keep the blood flowing round.  You may go blue, your eyes may pop out because blood won’t be able to return to the heart either.  There will be a nasty cyclical loop in that the fear produced will induce the sympathetic nervous system to get going and this will make the heart go faster, but the veins and arteries have narrowed so the blood won’t be able to get through.  This will induce terrible pain in the heart, chest, jaws, etc.  Like angina, which in some senses it is.

Here we have Erick from EROWID, who sums it up well:

snorted 250 mg. DPT. (the pure powder). foul taste and odor of product. after ten minutes very shaky, trembling, vibrating. the same vibrations that rock the skeleton spread to shake the whole room, he tears off earplugs/ blindfold. Pan has entered the innerroom: panic.
the air is dense w/ shifting dancing fractal shrimp, geometry of visions is sharp, sliding, No-Thing is solid (how was i ever fooled into thinking it was) No-Thing can be held in my hands for long. No place to observe from, no repose, cannot rest on blanket and pillow which are molecules racing up to light speed & the poor primate nervous system protests quantum physics-in-everyday-life:

 vomits fluorescent yellow & green into crystal bathtub.

 suddenly sucked into an alternate world: out on shimmering night streets with dark purple woman.
now back in room. how long was i gone? is this still going on?
the worlds gushing alive. Next: he’s a yogi suddenly overwhelmed with psychick energy: third eye and crown chakra explode, eyes & mouth shocked open,

doubled over onto knees: sky of room invaded blooming w/ fierce firewheels, mandalas send flaming electric shards to pierce repeatedly with real pain as real as any phenomenal skin mutilation, the jolts enter muscles, nerves; moan and screech in pain, helpless;

Next World: a room with some guy, erick has repeatedly done work to arrange situations & experiences & experiments so as to entertain himself & then to write down what happens. this time hes gone too far: the experiment was too powerful and consumed the laboratory; the guy begins yelling : 'why the fuck did you do this for???'


How it works

Hypoxia and serotonin imbalance.

Related observations