photo Oleg Orpisco

All the items in this section are man-made foods and thus not naturally occurring.  To all intents and purposes, they are thus pharmaceuticals and in some cases they are simply pharmaceuticals we use as food or drink and in other cases pharmaceuticals we take to supplement our food, because we believe modern industrialised farming practises robs our food of its mineral and vitamin content.  There are even food supplements we take instead of foods in the belief it will help us lose weight.

If we look for a moment at the chemical constituents of plants, we can see that few plants contain less than 30 or 40 chemicals.  Often they contain more.  Thus when we have a meal of natural foods we are probably consuming upwards of several hundred nutrients, all of which are in balance if we eat organically and in moderation. 

A vitamin supplement gives you one.  Furthermore it is usually at overdose levels. 

There are some products in this list that the body has no use for and cannot process.  At best the body flushes them away via vomiting, urine and diarrhoea, at worst they cause damage.  They are thus toxins - a toxin being a chemical which is toxic to the body.

This rather unfortunate state of affairs is represented in the number of illnesses caused by these products and if you glance to the illness section you will find these products strongly represented as one of the causes of illness.

But they also have their own startling record at causing negative spiritual experiences, this can be anything from hallucinations to death.

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