Illnesses and disabilities

photo by Oleg Oprisco

The illnesses and diseases in this section have all resulted in spiritual experiences.  Often they have been negative and frightening, however, there are some examples where the person has transcended the disability and the pain and produced something extraordinary - heaven has emerged from hell.  These illnesses have inspired the creative to produce some of the most wonderful poems, music, paintings, photos, buildings and other works of art that we enjoy. 

They are not dissimilar to events in that they can happen to the nicest and gentlest and kindest people.  The sort of people we say do not 'deserve' to have this happen to them - although in reality you would not wish these on anyone.  

Each description is divided into a section on the illness, the symptoms and then the known causes.  Causes are always external to the body.  We do not believe the body attacks itself, or that it malfunctions without reason, as such the causes section looks at toxins, parasites, viruses, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals, bacteria, fungi, hypoxia, radiation, heavy metals, physical damage, nutritional deprivation, and psychological trauma as principle causes.  We use research papers from PubMed to determine causes.  This is not a medical site, we study causes to find out why an experience happened, but the information may prove useful nonetheless.

Furthermore we advocate that the treatment is to first find the cause.  There are cross references via the observations to the food and medicines section in suppression.

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