Events are something that happened to a person which has produced a spiritual experience, but which was not intended to produce a spiritual experience. 

Examples might be being in a car accident, or being thrown from an airplane at 50,000 feet without a parachute, although there are only a few observations for this, as not many survive this kind of event to tell us what happened.

The spiritual experiences were not sought and may be wholly unwanted.  If they were wanted and deliberately sought we would have called them 'actions'.

There are some 'nice' events that can produce unexpected experiences - like childbirth.  There are some  'neutral' events, like flying in airplanes - but there are also some awful ones, like debilitating fear or paralysing loneliness, and these have happened to the nicest, gentlest and kindest people.  The sort of people we say do not 'deserve' to have this happen to them - although in reality you would not wish these on anyone.  

But the truly dreadful events do have the one saving grace, and that is they open the door wide to some of the most profound spiritual experiences you can experience.  They can also inspire the creative to produce some of the most wonderful poems, music, paintings, buildings and other works of art that we enjoy.  Those plunged into hell, often create heaven.

Long term the dreadful events can make you ill, so there is every reason to try to stop them happening, but extraordinary good can come from events that are profoundly evil. 


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