Cranial vibration

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Introduction and description

Mechanical stimulation of the body via resonance  -  mechanical vibrations of specific frequencies – is able to produce a spiritual experience. 

Anything which is emitting low frequency mechanical vibrations could serve to stimulate certain organs in the brain and directly provoke a spiritual experience.  The frequency determines which organs are the ones likely to give you the experience.  The effect is entirely arbitrary.

Depending on the size of a person’s various glands and organs, the resonant frequencies of two people may differ.  There are organs in the brain which appear to have resonant frequencies in a similar range, thus given that resonance is frequency dependent, the frequency for resonating the organs needs to be very exact for anything to happen. 

Resonance of the wrong organs at high intensity could make you ill. 

This should thus not be thought of as a potentially voluntary or deliberate activity.  This is blanket vibration with all the inherent dangers of blanket vibration – all your organs are being vibrated not just the ones that have produced the experience.

How it works

Stimulation via Resonance.  


Only one – one is quite enough given the dangers

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