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Unrequited love

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Introduction and description

Grief is caused by the permanent loss of someone you loved, but love can also be rejected, spurned or languish unfulfilled. You may be in love – like Romeo and Juliet, but be forbidden by society or circumstances to meet.  You may be separated by jobs or travel.


Unrequited love is strong with passion and desire, but it is a desire that can never be fulfilled – or if fulfilled it happens so infrequently that the thirst is not quenched.  It produces some rather extraordinary experiences in the already sensitive – the artistic, musical and creative.  Generally speaking this surplus energy and love gets channelled into extraordinary bursts of creativity, fired by inspiration.


The realm of poets, artists writers, sculptors and musicians

How it works

You need to have the Model of the Mind open and to have read the generic description of How spiritual experience works.

Here we have unfulfilled sexual desire [thus a threat in this sense], creating very very high Emotion, along with an attack to the ego if the love proferred has been spurned.

Any form of sensory stimulus – photographs, smells, music and various noises, places, tastes even the touch of things can trigger the sense of their absence, the memory produces memories, and the subconscious remembers what it cannot have.  There is a ‘childish’ subconscious reaction to this, which the conscious is almost at a loss to control.  The child in you has had the ‘toy’ taken away, the thing that gave them pleasure.

And what the child cannot have is happiness and pleasure and joy – so it cries out.  It is the child in us that cries – the subconscious child.  And the intensity of Emotion blots everything else out – absolutely everything – reason, logic, desires and objectives, obligations and opportunities.   Nothing is left except the vast sea of emotional PAIN.

And the Will is overwhelmed.  It can do nothing against such an onslaught, it has nothing in its armoury to help – no learnt function can match this barrage of anguish.

So it gives in and the Composer takes over. 

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